Update News 2021

Here you can find all of the updates for 2021:

  • New features
  • Improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • New apps in the marketplace 

Release Notes July 2021

27. July – Fixed Assets new in the marketplace

Automate fixed asset accounting and depreciation for bexio - save time, money and nerves. Learn more »

27. July – Accruals new in the marketplace

Automate accruals for bexio - save time, money and nerves. Learn more »

Release Notes June 2021

22. June – Time tracking tik-tak new in the marketplace

tik-tak, the Time-Tracking App (Work-, Project time, Absences as well as Vacation-Mgmt). Easy and time-saving for Employees as well as for Managers incl. analysis and in-sync with bexio. Developed in coordination with bexio. Learn more »

Release Notes May 2021


25. May – Updates in "Contacts" module

We are updating technology in the background for contacts, such as the edit view. You will notice small changes in appearance here and there. But the functions remain the same as before.

19. May – New in the Marketplace: MyCerty

MyCerty digital platform automates the creation of Swiss work certificates. Learn more »

18. May – New in the Marketplace: Arbeitszeugnishilfe

For SME’s and Startups, the easiest way to professional and legally compliant reference letters. Learn more »

17. May - New Balance Sheet & Income Statement Reports

The new balance sheet and income statement reports are available during the "Early Access" phase:

  • More flexibility and more precise analyses. The new filters ensure that the year-on-year comparison is easier to manage. For example, new options include quarterly comparisons.
  • More clearly-structure PDF documents with optimized print formatting. The new PDF files are clearer, require less space and filters are applied automatically.

Release Notes April 2021

29. April - New Chart of Accounts 

The new chart of accounts is now available in all bexio accounts:

  • Work more efficiently: With the new chart of accounts, accounts and account groups, can be displayed more clearly and processed more easily.
  • More transparent and simpler linking of your banking and accounting (bookkeeping) account: In bexio banking, the accounting account, to which the bank account is linked, is now directly visible, making adjustments easier to implement. In addition, when you create a new bank account, the corresponding accounting account can be automatically created, as before. Alternatively, you can now also link to an existing accounting account manually.

20. April – New in the marketplace: 2getHR

2getHR complements bexio in the complete digitalisation of HR processes: Employee dossiers, expenses management, vacation management, employee interviews etc. Learn more »

20. April – Bugfix

The error where VAT periods could not be settled if they had not been subject to VAT in the previous VAT period, has now been fixed.

Release Notes March 2021

30. March – New in the marketplace: wwcom smart call

wwcom smart call is the perfect communication solution for your company: flexible and easily-adaptable to your needs and optimized for the Swiss SME market – hosted in Switzerland and perfectly synchronized with bexio. Learn more »

10. March – New: Time tracking on the go with bexioGo

Track times on the go with our mobile app bexioGo (with the packages «Pro» and «Pro+»): Enter stopwatch, duration or from-to times on the smartphone and analyse and further calculate them later in projects on your computer. Learn more »

10. March – New in the marketplace: contactPRO

Managing contacts made easy. contactPRO automatically finds incorrect contact addresses and corrects them after consultation with you. Street names, bankruptcies, new directors etc. Learn more »

Release Notes February 2021

23. February – New in the marketplace: Swiss Newsletter

Send professional newsletters directly to your contacts from bexio. You benefit from the delivery reliability of the Swiss market leader in email marketing. Best of all: up to 200 emails per month are free! Learn more »

18. February – New in the marketplace: AMNIS payment platform

The simplest, fastest, and most affordable international payment platform for SMEs. You benefit from foreign payments directly from bexio, currency accounts for receiving foreign currencies and transparent currency exchange. Learn more »

11. February - Bugfix

If you use your own font for your documents, but have not uploaded your own font for italics, bold and bold italics, we will no longer try to simulate the missing font styles. In such instances, the "regular" font is now applied. This gives you full control over how your font will be displayed.

9. February – New in the marketplace: PayrollPlus

The digital salary payment solution including insurance cover. We relieve you of all work related to salaries. Learn more »

3. February – New in the marketplace: business messaging

Messaging solutions for your business: With eCall Business Messaging you reach your customers via SMS, fax, e-mail or voice message. Learn more »

Release Notes January 2021

20. January - New in the marketplace

Deeptrue's continuous customer satisfaction survey provides you with information on whether your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied and on which aspects, if any, you can optimize if necessary. Learn more »

13. January - Bug fixes

A bug where not all BCV bank transactions would be imported into bexio has been fixed.

8. January - New in the marketplace

With Crealogix, it is now possible to instantly import invoices with Payeye ISR and QR using the bexio shopping module: 

  1. Download the latest Payeye or Giromat software from Crealogix and install it on your local machine (download it here:
  2. Select the "bexio supplier invoice" configuration in the relevant application

The alternative options for entering supplier invoices are bexioGo App or the Marketplace App provided by our partner Triboni. The bexioGo app allows you to take photos and upload invoices using Android and iOS smartphones. Triboni allows you to import incoming invoices via e-mail or from a scanner app, such as one of the popular multifunctional scanners released by a variety of developers. Documents are automatically recognized, uploaded to bexio, and filed in an archive certified in accordance with the Swiss Ordinance on Business Records (GeBüV) in a data center in Switzerland. 


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