Add-on LeanSync setup


LeanSync offers as an easy to implement interface between Bexio and the Swisscom telephony.

Bexio can initiate outgoing calls over LeanSync. Clicking a number will initiate a call via Swisscom telephony.

Customers, who are using Bexio, can easily register themselves on the website. While registering, they get a unique and secure key for all their phone numbers. They only must enter these keys in their user management and are then ready to use LeanSync for outgoing calls.

Please find more details in the next chapters.



Set up


A customer can create a LeanSync account on After the registration and the login into LeanSync, the user will be asked to login with the Swisscom credentials. He received these credentials directly from Swisscom, so only he knows them.

After these two steps, the LeanSync account is connected to the Swisscom telephony account. LeanSync is now able to get (over a webservice) the phone numbers from Swisscom and add a LeanSync Key to each of them.

Registration on LeanSync

The registration can be started on the LeanSync Website

The user is then guided through the registration steps by clicking on the registration button.

After the last registration step has been done, the following screen is displayed, where the different phone numbers with the collocated LeanSynKeys are visible.



Set up in Bexio

The implementation of LeanSync in the application (ERP, CRM etc.) can be done easily in two steps.

In the first step, LeanSync must be activated in Bexio.




Afterwards the LeanSyncKey from the LeanSync website must be implemented in Bexio.




Initiate a call

After the installation the user of Bexio is able to initiate a call.

The outgoing call has two steps:

  • The telephone number, which belongs to the stored LeanSyncKey, is called.
  • As soon as the caller picks up the phone, the recipient is called by LeanSync / Swisscom.



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