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Important: The “bexioGo” mobile app replaces the previous “bexio Scanner” & “bexio Contacts” apps and combines their functionality. As we no longer carry out any further development on the previous apps, they were removed from the app stores at the beginning of March. We recommend switching to the new app immediately.
You can use the bexioGo Mobile App to manage your contacts, to enter times when recording services, and to upload documents, which can then be used to generate supplier invoices. This article describes how you can record time. You can record time using the “bexioGo” mobile app if you have the «Pro» or «Pro +» package. Furthermore, you are not allowed to record time for employees, but only for services.

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New time recording

Note: In order for this function to be accessible, you must enable the user right “Record time/service”. You can edit user rights under General settings » Packages, addons, and users » Manage users » Edit user rights.

Make sure you are signed in to the correct company. In the header, you can change the company using the “arrows” if you have created several. Finally press “Record time”. A service can also be recorded in “Offline mode” (while disconnected from the Internet), but of course you will need to connect in order to upload the time entries to your bexio account.


Menu - Stop watch

With the stopwatch, you can record the time spent while you actually perform your service. You have the option to pause the time and continue again. Service recording also continues to run while the app is closed and can be viewed and accessed using the notifications on your phone. If you manage several companies in the bexioGo app and have several time recording sessions running at the same time, these can also all be seen in the notification area. One of the 24 bars is filled every hour to provide you with a better overview.

You can then tap “Add description” above, and after by pressing “More” you can enter the contact, the activity, the project, the work package, and whether the entry should be marked as billable for inclusion in a customer invoice.

d16.jpg d17.jpg

Menu - Record time

Under "Record time" you can of course also record the times you have worked directly by entering either the total "Duration" or by entering entries for "From/To".

d18.jpg d19.jpg

Menu - Overview

Under “Overview”, you can see the timeline of when you made your last entries in the app. No entries are displayed that were entered by other employees or entered in the web application at


Edit/delete time entries

Time entries that have already been uploaded can also be edited again by tapping on a service record to go to the details view. Here you can edit the entry using the “pencil symbol” in the top right corner or delete it using the “trash can symbol”. When editing, however, you can no longer choose between “Duration” or “From/To” entries, since the option you originally selected when making the time entry cannot be subsequently changed. Confirm your changes by ticking the “Checkmark” in the top right corner.

d21.jpg d22.jpg

Error uploading

If a time entry cannot be uploaded, such as, for example, due to not being connected to the Internet, an error message with an exclamation mark will appear. Upload your service entry again by either "swiping to the left" and then pressing the “cloud symbol” or by opening the entry and pressing the “cloud symbol” in the bottom right corner.

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