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Important: L'application «bexioGo» reprend les fonctionnalités de «bexio Scanner» et «bexio Contacts» et remplace ces deux applications. Comme nous n'effectuons plus de développement sur les applications précédentes, elles ont été retirées des magasins d'applications au début du mois de mars. Nous vous recommandons de passer immédiatement à la nouvelle application.
You can use the bexioGo Mobile App to manage your contacts, to enter times when recording services, and to upload documents, which can then be used to generate supplier invoices. This article describes how to scan documents.

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Scan new document

Make sure that you are registered in the correct company. By moving the menu to the left, you can switch between the companies if you have created several. Click on "Scan documents" in the menu and then select the process.

  • Scan in and send via email - (sends the document to your inbox)
  • Scan and create a supplier invoice (directly creates a supplier invoice with the attached document). If you are scanning an invoice with a QR code, the payment details will be read and entered in the invoice automatically. Learn more »)
  • Upload a file from your smartphone via the "Share" function. This is not an action that can be carried out directly in the menu, but an indication that this function is available.

d0.jpg d5.jpg

Scanning function

Regardless of which operation you select, your document will be scanned. To scan several pages, you can press the capture button multiple times. The pages that have already been scanned can be deleted below the scan. Optionally, you can also switch your phone’s flash on and off. You can use one of two different modes, “M” & “A”, to capture photos with your camera. Confirm that you are happy with your completed scan by tapping the “arrow symbol” →.

  • «M» → We do not automatically crop the document.
  • «A» → If we recognise the document shape, we automatically crop it.

d100.png d110.png

Tip: Automatic document recognition works best in good lighting conditions and with a high-contrast background (white paper against a dark background).

Edit & upload scanned document

Symbol Action
d5_2.jpg Edit scanned document.
d6_4.jpg Cut document.
d6_3.jpg Rotate document.
d6_2.jpg Save changes.
d5_4.jpg Delete document.
d5_3.jpg Upload document.


Scan and send via email

If you select the send via email operation, you can still make final edits to the document in this step before uploading it.

d8.jpg d9.jpg


Scan and create a supplier invoice

If you select the create supplier invoice operation, you can still make final edits to the document in this step. Then press the "arrow symbol" in the bottom right corner to select the contact for the supplier invoice, and finally tap “Upload supplier invoice to bexio”.

d10.jpg d11.jpg


Upload a file from your smartphone

Receipts can also be uploaded to bexio using the "Share" function. When uploading multiple receipts, always use the same file format and pay attention to the maximum file size of 12MB. The following formats are supported: PDF, JPG and PNG.

d14.jpg d15.jpg

Error uploading or deleting the document

Slide the document of interest to the left to either delete it or upload it again if the upload failed. Alternatively, press the document to get a detailed view and select the "cloud symbol" to upload the document or the "trash can symbol" to delete it.

d12.jpg d13.jpg


Delete all documents

If you have more than two scanned documents in the list, you also have the option to delete all documents. To do this, tap “Delete all” and confirm the final dialog box. Important: Documents that have already been uploaded will of course remain in the inbox of your bexio account; the documents will only be deleted locally from your device.

Inbox - Uploaded documents

Your documents are now available in your bexio account. Log in to bexio at and open “Apps” → “Inbox”. If you have not already made a selection during the scanning operation to create a supplier invoice, you can link the current document to another document using this interface.



Here you get an overview of your scanned documents. You can perform various options here.



Note: The scans that are already in use (attached to a bexio document) are archived. To search for these, tap the “Archived” filter. Here you can see all of the scans that are in the archive.


Possible error messages

Fehlermeldung Bedeutung
“You are currently not connected to the Internet! You will only be able to upload any newly created data the next time you are connected. Some of the app functions may only be used to a limited extent while offline.” There is no Internet connection on your phone, which prevents the app from performing certain functions.
“Maximum file size exceeded. Please remove some pages to reduce the file size.” The maximum file size of 12 MB has been exceeded. We recommend splitting the documents into two scans.
“Failed to upload the document ‘Document name’. Please try again or contact our support team.” There was an error sending your document. If the message occurs repeatedly, please contact our support team.
“You don't have the necessary rights to upload a document. Please contact your bexio administrator so that they can grant you the required rights.” In order to upload documents, you need the “Upload documents” user right. This can be granted under "Settings" > "Packages, addons, users" > "Manage users".
"Please grant the app access to your camera and open bexioGo again to scan documents." You have not granted the app the required access rights on your phone. Authorize access to the necessary rights to make the error message disappear.
"Please allow us access to the photo library so that we can save your documents." You have not granted the app the required access rights on your phone. Authorize access to the necessary rights to make the error message disappear.


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