Delete cash/bank account

Delete cash/bank account

If no entries have been made on it, the bank account can be deleted from the chart of accounts. If there are already entries on this account, it can only be set "inactive" if the current balance is zero. (This also makes sense as it could still be used for manual entries in case of emergency).

If you want to be able to set it to "inactive", proceed as follows:

The account cannot be set to "inactive" until it has been removed from the "Banking" section. To be able to delete the bank account in "Banking", you must first make sure that it is not set as a default account.

You can set which default bank account should be used for which documents under "Settings" → "All Settings" → "Functions & Modules". Please open the following "URL's" and change the default bank account. Afterwards the bank account can be deleted under "Banking".

After that, we recommend that you simply set the account to inactive in the chart of accounts in Financial Accounting. Go to "Settings" → "Accounting" → "Chart of Accounts Financial Accounting", select the account that you have deleted in Banking and uncheck the "Active" box.

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