Update-News 13.12.2018

Dear bexio community

We would like to inform you about the update that was automatically applied on 13 December 2018. You are not required to make any changes.

New features

  • IBAN payments to non-SEPA countries that make use of the IBAN standard are now supported. (List of countries supported in bexio:
  • Document design now has a "Compact view" option (under "Distances"). If this option is activated, the line spacing in the header and invoice total areas is reduced. More information can be found here.
  • CreditGate24: Register with CreditGate24 through your bexio account. Share your company master data and accounting data so that you can apply for quick, economical loans. You will find the link to CreditGate24 in the Add-ons and Integrations dashboard widget.
  • In bexio payroll accounting, you can now select a date for "Close payroll accounting" in order to determine the date that is shown on payroll slips. Previously, it was only possible to show the current date.


  • Automatic reconciliation with Postfinance is working again
  • The Sender field of e-mails is now correctly displayed in all e-mail programs:
    • When a name has been defined as the e-mail sender in the settings, for example: "Hans Müller (Müller AG via"
    • and when no name has been defined as the e-mail sender in the settings, for example: "Müller AG (via"
  • Lower case letters are now also accepted in the IBAN code for banking payments.
  • The entire title of a document is now displayed as a tooltip in the document overviews (quotations, orders, invoices, etc.).
  • The Print Layout link in the Quick Settings Dashboard widget is now correctly linked (to the document template)
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