bexio Kontakte App manual

In this article, you will learn how to download our Contacts App and how the application works.
Please bear in mind
: This is a basic version. That is why we are looking forward to your valuable feedback!



Functions of the bexio Contacts App

  • Your contacts are always available offline on your mobile phone
  • To edit your contacts and add new ones
  • Contacts of several companies can be displayed in parallel
  • Contacts can be directly contacted from the app (call, email, SMS)
  • Additional information such as location, website, comments etc. available
  • Available for Android and iOS smartphones
  • App available in German, French and English


Downloading the bexio Contacts App

Download our bexio Contacts App for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store.
Please note that you need to have a bexio account to be able to use this app.

Download the bexio Scanner for iOSDownload the bexio Scanner for Android



When the app is opened for the first time, the login appears in bexio. Log in with your bexio account. Confirm this with "Login".

Then you can choose the company from which you would like to view the contacts. You can add more companies later using the menu at the top left.

("My Companies" -> "+" to add an account)

Please note: All the contacts of all added companies are displayed together in the contact overview.


Press "Allow" in the access authorization so that you can use the app.


This is how the Contacts App works


Following successful registration, you will be redirected to the contact overview. All contacts from your bexio account are displayed here.


Good to know: The contacts are also available to you
without Internet connection!

You can search for the following criteria in the search field:
- First & last name
- Company name
- Email address
- Telephone & mobile number

Private and company contacts are distinguished by color:
Green: Company


Add New Contact

Click on the "plus symbol (+)" to create a new contact.



Edit contacts

In the relevant contact, click on the "pencil symbol".



This is how to sync your contacts

Your contacts will automatically sync when the app opens.
To sync your contacts manually, drag your list all the way down until the "loading circle" is completely visible.





The synchronization is one-sided, which means:
All contacts you add to your bexio account can be downloaded into the app but not the other way around. No contacts can be added to the app. The initialsynchronization, after logging in with the bexio account, takes place automatically. After that, synchronization must be performed manually.

You can synchronize the current changes from your bexio account (desktop version) with the app at any time using the Sync button . So all contacts can be kept up to date. (Note: This requires an internet connection)



You will find the information you have entered about your customers and suppliers in the contacts.


Interactive fields:
The upper contact area, with the symbols on the right, is interactive. The following functions are available directly from our app, provided that the necessary information has been saved:

Send email

 Make a call

 Send message

 Visit website

 Open location on map

Copy information:
Information from the interactive fields can be copied to the clipboard by keeping it pressed for a longer time. "Text content copied to clipboard" appears.



The menu is accessed via the symbol with three horizontal lines.


You can switch between "My contacts" and "My companies" here.
-> You can manage which company you want to add or remove under "My companies".


Feedback & further development

This is a basicversion, we are very interested in developing our app. You may support us in the further development of the bexio Contacts App. Give us the feedback using the feedback form.

We are aware that the app currently offers only the most basic contact functions. We would like to be able to use our development capacities in a targeted manner in order to offer you the greatest possible added value.

That is why we are looking forward to your valuable feedback!

Send us your feedback.


Frequently asked questions

Question: Why does the following message appear and what can I do?
"To use the new features of this app, you must log in again."


Answer: This message appears after a successful update that includes new features. Sign in again with the same sign-in details to see your contacts again.

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