Create a quote or an invoice (bexio mini)

bexio mini is a new package that is currently in a testing phase to receive feedback from customers and to gain initial experience with it.

How do I create a quote or an invoice?

Quick guide:

  1. Under the menu item Sales, you can create a quote/offer or an invoice
  2. Select a contact from the list or create a new contact 
  3. Set default information (title, date, introduction text)
  4. Enter items that the document should contain (items, discounts, etc.)
  5. Enter an additional text for payment conditions if needed
  6. Check the closing text
  7. Upload files if needed
  8. Adjust additional settings on the right side if necessary
  9. Send per email or download PDF document

Create an invoice from a quote:

If the status of a quote is "Accepted", you can create an invoice out of it. The content of the quote is then taken over to the invoice. The quote automatically is set to "Done.

Tips and Tricks

Here, we would like to introduce you to some tips and tricks for creating your documents.

  • Work with products. These are like repeating building blocks that simplify the creation of your documents because they can be inserted into the documents as positions.
  • With group positions you can structure your documents. Positions can be flexibly combined at any time to form collective positions or removed again.
  • Discounts can be added for each position or can be applied to the total amount.
  • If you are subject to VAT, all VAT fields are displayed so you can enter the necessary information.
  • Personalize the introduction text and closing text of your document.
  • Upload documents, such as terms and conditions, plans or logs to your quotes and invoices.
  • The following options are available when you send the document per email:
    • Multiple recipients (including CC and BCC)
    • Send the document itself as PDF
    • Send uploaded documents with the email
    • Send a copy to yourself
  • Send reminders for overdue invoices directly by email.
  • It is easy to set the correct status for your document. This allows you to keep track of your documents at all times.

The browser Internet Explorer is no longer developed by Microsoft, therefore we do not support Internet Explorer, we recommend you to use another browser so that you can use bexio mini without problems.

If you have any questions or if there are any functional requirements, please contact our Support by email at or by telephone at 071 552 00 60.

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