Update-News 17.04.2019

Dear bexio community,

We are happy to inform you about our update, which was automatically installed on April 17, 2019. You do not have to make any updates.

New features

Editing transactions that have already been reconciled:

In the transaction overview (“Display Bank Transactions”), newly reconciled transactions can be processed without having to reverse the entire reconciliation. Individual items can be deleted or added. More information can be found in our support article in the section “How can I edit / undo a transaction?”

Using your own domain for sending emails from bexio

When you verify your domain in bexio, you can now use it as the email sender for your documents. Detailed instructions on how to register your domain as an email sender can be found in this support article.

Postings can be made to all accounts in purchasing (supplier invoices and expenses)

In supplier invoices and expenses, you can now post to all active accounts in the chart of accounts.

Important: In order to minimize incorrect postings in VAT, only input tax rates are permitted in the “Purchasing” area. Therefore, in Purchasing, income accounts cannot be posted with value added tax. For individual cases in which you have to post income with input tax, we ask you to use manual postings - any combination of accounts and VAT is permitted

Displaying and exporting the opening balance

We have added the opening balance option to the balance sheet. If you select this option, only initial postings (IP) are displayed. Important: Only initial postings generated by bexio are displayed, manual postings are not taken into account.

Carry over balances for all open years

The balances for all open fiscal years can be carried over to the next year under “Accounting” - “Year-end closing.”


  • Standardization of the export format and harmonization with the new import for products
    • There are still three product export possibilities. The three points on the top - Export all products, bottom left Export current list, bottom right Export selected products. A new feature is that all exports to .xlsx have the same file structure (number of columns, order of columns).
    • The following content changes have been made in Export
      • For VAT, only the VAT code is exported, without the description and rate
      • For accounts, only the account number is exported, without a description
  • Clarity in the dashboard widgets
    • Unique labeling
    • A legend has been added
    • Links to Help Center articles
  • The sales prices of product sets are calculated on the basis of the sales prices for the assigned products
  • When importing a time recording into an invoice, the VAT rate that matches the time of the activity (time recording) is imported
  • When importing an expense into an invoice, the VAT rate that matches the time of the activity (expense) is imported

Corrected errors

  •  The following account sheet errors have been corrected:
    • Customer account postings now have the correct link
    • Account 9100 is now displayed correctly (corrected in bexio, PDF Export correction will follow)
    • Exchange rates higher than 2000, but lower than 99999 (highest rate allowed by bexio), are included in the account sheet


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