Update-News 15.05.2019

Dear Members of the bexio community,

We are pleased to inform you about our update, which was automatically installed on 15.05.2019. You do not need to make any updates yourself.


  • The Accounting Set-Up Wizard is now also available to companies that have been established by trustees.
  • Rapid selection in regard to periods of time on the ledger sheets. Alternatively to the previous date fields, there is now the quick selection for periods on the account ledger.
    • Today
    • Calendar quarters
    • Financial years
  • Various sales analysis optimisations:
    • Item totals are divided into net and gross and listed separately
    • Pivot tables are displayed according to the net value
    • The foreign currency exchange rate for invoices is added to the raw data
    • Data to be exported is removed if the data has been deleted via "Delete data" in the settings
    • Categories and industries are now readable in the raw data
    • Titles and other language-specific words in an export are also available in Italian

Bug fixing

  • Filtering within the currency column of the ledger sheets is once again possible.
  • If an e-mail address has already been provided as a trustee, the same e-mail address cannot be provided within that company once again as a user.
  • The texts “Credit note” and “Payment” in customer account statements, and also the dialog for creating new e-mail senders, are now correctly translated.
  • Weekdays and month names in the date picker widget are correctly translated into Italian.


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