Where can I find the VAT standard settings?

You can define the VAT standard settings for your documents by going to "Settings" -> "All Settings" -> "Accounting" -> "VAT Standard Settings for Documents".



In the Overview, you can define the VAT standard settings for "Offers," "Contracts," "Invoices," "Credits," "Orders," "Supplier Invoices," and "Expenses." You can display the document type settings by clicking on the document type with the left mouse button.


What kinds of settings can I configure?

You can change the settings determining how prices ("net" or "gross") and the VAT ("inclusive" or "not included") are displayed. Depending on the selected setting, the preview on the right side changes.

Please note that not all documents have the same settings.


Can I also apply these settings retroactively?

No, the settings that you adopt as your VAT default settings are only applied to the documents that you create after you make this change. Existing documents are not changed. If you would also like to change these documents, you must open these documents and make the necessary adjustments in the "Settings" tab. 

Why is it that the only item I see is "Value Added Tax Basic Settings"?

If you only see this item in the accounting settings, then it means that you have defined in your basic settings that you are not VAT liable. If this is not the case, you can change the setting under "Value Added Tax Basic Settings" from "No, I am not VAT liable" to "Yes, I am VAT liable". After that, you should be able to access the remaining VAT settings.

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