Creating vendor credits

In bexio, you can post vendor credits or residual values that are to be derecognised as follows:

  1. In the "Banking" area of bexio, create a “Vendor credit” transitory account (check the cash account box). This automatically opens an account in the 1000 range (next number). 
  2. Under "Settings" - "All Settings" - "Accounting" - "Chart of Accounts, Financial Accounting", you can now assign the account a new account number between the recommended range of account numbers 1092 to 1098 (this will be automatically adopted in the banking module). At the same time, adjust the account group to “109 transfer accounts”. You can also adjust the account name here to suit your needs. 
  3. Record the supplier invoice and set it to outstanding (= posted in financial accounting) (if not already done).
  4. In the "Outgoing payments" tab, create a manual outgoing payment in the now outstanding supplier invoice in the accounts payable module (purchasing). Select the “Vendor credit” transitory account you created as the payment account and enter the credit or write-off amount.
  5. Then go to the "Manual posting" screen in the "Accounting" module. There, you can now enter the correct chargeback for this credit note or write-off, with the relevant expense account and the corresponding tax key.

If the credit amount is higher than the original invoice that was created, then post as follows:

  1. You divide up the payment amount in the banking module and can only offset the supplier invoice that has been effectively posted.
  2. You manually post the overpaid amount to the same “Vendor credit” transitory account. Unfortunately, there is not yet a way to post this directly with the supplier. 
  3. This amount can therefore be deducted from a future invoice from this supplier as a “payment amount” by choosing the transitory account. Thus, only the remaining amount would be outstanding as a payment.

If you do not post to your bank using the banking module, you would have to post step 1 in the supplier invoice with a payment for the invoice amount and record the overpayment in the “manual postings” in accordance with step 2.

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