Payment of wages



General information

As soon as you have closed out your payroll statement(s) for the month, you will be able to initiate the disbursement of wages.

Bexio now gives you the option to directly transfer wage payments from your payroll account to your bexio banking service. As a result, all payments will be in a single location. Moreover, you can use your banking service to transfer wages to your linked bank.  


Default settings

To make sure that the payments can be transferred to your bexio banking service, the following information must be archived in both, your payroll system and your bexio banking service:

  • Employees: The IBAN no as well as the address of the bank can be entered or mutated under Employee/Banking Information.

  • Banking: All bank accounts can be entered in your bexio under "Banking." The bank account you are planning to pay the wages from must be entered here as well.  

Entering payroll data

As soon as you have saved all required information, go to wage payments under "Payroll Accounting" -> "Wage Payments". 

In the upper half of the screen you will see the monthly overview along with your payroll statements. In this screen, choose the month you are making payments for as well as the employees who will receive payments. Next, you will see an overview of the selected month and the wages to be disbursed. In this overview, you will find the following information:

  • All employees who worked for you during the month
  • The IBANs of all employees who will receive payments
  • The wages to be disbursed
  • The payment status
    As soon has you transfer the payments to your banking services, the status immediately changes and this overview will show you whether the wages have already been paid.

In the bottom of the overview, you will find all details related to these payments:

  1. Charge account:
    Here you can select the account from which you intend to pay the wages. The selection lists all accounts you have set up in your banking service.

  2. Intended use:
    Enter the purpose of your payments here. If you do not modify the entries, the word “salary” will automatically appear as the default setting, along with the respective month and year. 

  3. Value date:
    Enter the value date of your wage payment here. It will be directly transferred to your banking service along with the payment.

  4. Fee payment:
    Field “Free policy” refers exclusively to payments sent to accounts abroad, which incur fees. Any entry made here for other types of payments will be ignored.  


Transferring payments 

Once the wages have been transferred, the wage payment status is updated to "Payment transferred to banking:"


Banking view

As soon as the wage payments have been transferred to your banking service, the payments appear under "Banking" -> "Respective bank account" -> "Outbound payments" in your bexio.

You will find the following information in this overview:

  • Payment beneficiary & beneficiary’s account number: 
    In wage payments, the payment beneficiary and his/her account are always hidden

  • Pay on: 
    You will find the value date you have defined earlier here

  • Reference: 
    The information about the purpose you have defined earlier is archived in the reference field

  • Amount: 
    The total amount of the individual wage payments


Disbursement of wage & payment file generation

Next, you have the option, just like with all other bank payments, to mark the wage payments under "Banking" -> "payments" and transfer them directly to your e-banking by clicking once on "Transfer payments." 

As an alternative, you also have the option to export wages as pain.001 (ISO Standard) or DTA documents and to subsequently upload the document to the bank of your choice and to transfer the payments using this method. To do this, please click on the small arrow to the right of field "Transfer payments" and choose the respective option:





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