New VAT rates went into effect in 2018. What is changing in bexio?

The new VAT rates for services that went into effect in 2018 are now available in bexio as of the last update. In what follows you will find the most important questions and answers concerning the latest VAT rates.

When do I have to start using the new VAT rates?

The rates must be applied to all performed services starting on January 1, 2018. If you invoice your services in advance, then you will need to apply the new VAT rates for services that were provided in 2017.

What are the new VAT rates?

  • Standard rate: 7.7% (instead of 8%)
  • Special rate for accommodation services (hotel industry): 3.7% (instead of 3.8%)
  • Reduced rate: 2.5% (unchanged)

Starting for which period does the new VAT form appear in bexio?

The new VAT form will automatically become available starting in Q4 and H2 for the year 2017. There is nothing more that you need to do.

What do I have to do to enable the use of the new VAT rates?

If you were already a customer before November 21, 2017: All of the new tax rates were automatically created in your bexio account and can be viewed under "Settings" -> "All settings" -> "Accounting" -> "VAT tax rates".

For everyone who became a bexio customer after November 21, 2017: The VAT rates have been automatically created in your trial account. If you require additional VAT rates that we do not provide by default, you can add them under "Settings" -> "All settings" -> "Accounting" -> "VAT tax rates".

I have already created the new tax rates myself. What should I do now?

In this case, you will find duplicate sets of new tax rates in your bexio account. One of them will be a set of rates that you created without a VAT code, and the other one will be an automatically generated rate with a VAT code.

If you have already used the tax rates that you created for postings, we recommend that you edit the VAT rate and fill in the code field with the new code (ending in 2). If you have already entered the old code for the VAT rate (ending in 1), then your VAT bill will not be created correctly. In this case you will have to revise every posting where you entered the incorrect VAT rate (for example, where you entered the new percentage, e.g., 7.7%, but an old code, e.g., 301) with the correct new VAT rate that we have automatically created for you (e.g., 7.7% with the code 302). You can then delete the unused VAT rate.

Tip: The quickest way to find out whether a tax rate has already been used is to open it. If the "Delete" button in the upper-right corner is grayed out, then it means that postings have already been made with this VAT rate.

If you are unsure, then your fiduciary can help you.

What do I do with the new tax rates that I do not need?

We recommend marking the rates that you do not need as "not visible." Then if it turns out that you really do need them, then you can simply reactivate them. Of course, you can also delete the VAT rates, but this is only possible if they have not already been used in a posting.

How does this work with net tax rates?

For 2017, the net tax rates are also created automatically on the basis of the existing net tax rates. You will then have one net tax rate of 8.0% and 7.7% for the year 2017.

For information on how to enter net tax rates, see "How do I create my net tax rates?"

I have saved the old tax rates in multiple listings of my products. Do I have to manually edit each listing?

No, there is no need to edit all of your product listings individually. You can use the bulk migration feature to change various types of product information for all of your listings at once. This allows you to edit the VAT rates for your product listings in just one step. You can find out how to do this here.

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