Edit multiple products

If you want to edit several existing products, we provide the mass mutation at the product level.

In the first step, you filter for the products that you want to edit. Go to "Products" - "Products" and then you can filter on the right side and filter the products according to your needs. Apply the filter.


You will then receive the list of the desired products.


Now you can click on the pen on the bottom left.
Now select which fields of the selected products you want to change. If you do not want an adjustment, leave the value to "not change".

At the moment you can only adjust the visible fields. It is not excluded that we are constantly offering more fields.
Now we will show you what will happen in the next step and how many products will be processed.
Alternatively, you can also edit the selected entries in the bottom right with "Select an action". First activate the check boxes on the right side.
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