Closing/Blocking a payroll

As soon as you have completed the monthly payroll, you can block the payroll. This prevents changes from being made later, even though the wages have already been paid and the payroll has been sent.



Finalizing employees individually

You can finalize the payroll for each employee. If the employee still has a red exclamation point, the month cannot be finalized because wage-relevant data is still missing. These are marked directly in the payroll and can be inputted.

In this example, the number of hours the employee Vreni Müller worked for the company in March is missing. As a result, you cannot click on the "Close paystub" button.



As soon as I have entered and saved the hours, the button automatically turns green and I can finalize the employee Müller Vreni.




Finalize all employees

If all wages are recorded for one month, you can also finalize all employees directly with one click. Go to "All employees" and click on "Close all".




Statement of finalized wages

As soon as you have marked payroll as complete, this is displayed for each employee and you can also see directly during payroll which months have been completely finalized and for which months, for example, only some of the employees have been included in payroll. In this example, the months January - February are completely settled.




Open payroll

bexio's recommendation is to work with corrections in the following month and not to reopen a payroll that has already been finalized!

In general, you can always reopen a payroll. Only the immediately preceding payroll can be opened. No months can be skipped.

The payroll can change upon opening, if the employee's or company's master data has changed.

Example: An employee has been receiving a new monthly wage (wage increase) since September and you have already entered this for the employee. If you open August again and make adjustments, the employee will be paid a higher wage as early as August.

You can make further adjustments by clicking on "Open all" or for the employee directly by clicking on "Open payroll".


The pay slip cannot be opened?

The payroll statements in bexio are blocked when the postings are transferred to financial accounting. For example, if you complete the payroll for the month of November and then transfer it to financial accounting, you cannot open it again until you have canceled the posting under «Payroll» → «Financial Accounting» → «November».  


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