Editing wage types

The wage types are used to control various wage elements during wage processing, such as

  • Monthly wage
  • Hourly wage
  • Children/education allowance
  • Daily allowance sickness/accident
  • Daily allowances military/maternity
  • Miscellaneous bonuses /premiums
  • Payment for overtime
  • Payment of expenses
  • Social security contributions (AN/AG)
  • Withholding tax etc.

All wage types are grouped in a wage type master and form the center (heart) of bexio payroll accounting. This involves the calculation logic for each payroll run, which must comply with social insurance and tax regulations. The cumulative values form the basis for the wage declarations required by the social insurance funds at the end of the calendar year. We have therefore decided to limit the creation and adjustment of wage types accordingly.

Create new wage types: bexio supplies the Swissdec model wage type master as standard. Due to the significance, as mentioned above, you cannot create new wage types. If necessary, contact the support department. We will create the required wage type for you according to your specifications.

Adjust wage types: Existing wage types can only be adjusted with regard to description and FA accounts.

Description: Name of wage type; Are printed on payroll and appear on all evaluations.

Debit account: FA account from bexio financial accounting. Selectable from the "Account plan" tab.

Credit account: FA account from bexio financial accounting. Selectable from the "Account plan" tab.

Further control data:

  • Number
  • Gross
  • Increasing / Decreasing
    Determines whether wage type requires OASI/ALV
  • AI /AAI /DSP (accident, additional accident, illness)
    Determines whether wage type requires AI /AAI /DSP
  • ST (Source Tax)
    Determines whether wage type requires ST.
  • Wage statement
    Determines in which wage statement field the cumulative values from the payrolls are entered.
  • year/stat.oct.

Tip: Talk to your trustee in advance and compare the standard wage type master with your requirements.

Note: Wage types that are already used in existing wage accounting cannot be deleted. We recommend that you do not delete wage types and refer to the specification that any changes (new or cancelled wage types, altered processes) must be reconstructed during at least 5 years (OASI revision).

Where and how can I create or adjust wage types?

You can edit wage types in payroll accounting under "Company" -> "Wage types


Explanation of the column headings:


  • Number: Wage type number, assigned by bexio and cannot be edited.
  • Description: Name of the wage type, you can adjust it using the "Edit" button.
  • Debit account: Selection of debit account using the accounts created in the wage "Account plan". You can customize using the "Edit" button.
  • Credit account: Credit account selection based on the accounts created in the wage "Account plan". You can customize using the "Edit" button.
  • Gross: Differentiation gross/net wage hook = gross, cross = net
  • Increasing/decreasing: Has a positive influence on gross wage / has a negative influence on gross wage
  • Insurances (OASI, DSP, ST, etc.): Wage type is cumulative as the basis for the insurance deduction or not (tick or cross indicator).
  • Wage statement: Number of the corresponding field on the wage statement.
  • Year / Oct.: indicates how the wage type is calculated to wage bases for the statistics (Earnings Structure Survey).
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