Overview of documents

Note: The documents are only available for download if the payrolls have the status "Completed".


Wage statement: The wage statements can be printed in PDF format for each employee and year (note the selected year). The wage-relevant data is filled automatically. In the next tab "Company" you have the possibility to create the wage statements of all employees in PDF format. The wage statements can be printed again if required.

Practical tip: Before you create the wage statements, check the additional entries under Company/Master data/Disclosures wage statement.


Payroll account:

This document is a total recapitulation showing the totalization of all calculated wage types per employee and year, or over all calculated wage periods within the calendar year. 

This payroll account can be used individually for details of the average wage with regard to accident or sick pay, maternity compensation, and so on.

Note: Can only be generated per calendar year. If two years overlap, e.g. July - June, the relevant wage totals would have to be calculated using Excel. Payrolls: By clicking on the "cloud", individual payrolls per employee can be generated as a PDF and made available to social insurances, for example. 

Annual processing

At the end of the calendar year, the statutory statements or statements that are obligatory per insurance contract must be prepared. These are the wage statements for OASI/ALV/DI/EO and for insurance contracts of AI, AAI and DSP.

bexio supports you with the following lists:

  1. OASI-wage statement: Wage declaration for the compensation fund of all calculated wages within a calendar year
  2. Addition of OASI-exempt persons: Wage declaration for the compensation fund of employees who, due to the entry threshold (from January 1, after the 17th birthday), are not obliged to contribute to OASI or who benefit from the exemption of continuing to work after the regular retirement age (64 /65).
  3. FCF accounting: To check the child and education allowances received and for reconciliation with financial accounting (allowances received and paid out)
  4. AI accounting: Wage declaration for the accident insurance company (OD and NII)
  5. AAI accounting: Wage declaration for the accident insurance company in the voluntary sector
  6. DSP accounting: Wage declaration for the daily sick pay insurance company according to the insurance contract

Note: OASI law regulates periodic checking (OASI revision). The responsible compensation fund has the task of periodically (e.g. every 5 years) checking affiliated employers for compliance with legal regulations. For this reason, special attention should be paid to the above-mentioned wage statements. Your trustee will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

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