Create a reminder from an invoice

bexio allows you to do the following: on the one hand, you can create reminders using the assistant for reminders; on the other, you can create reminders manually, i.e. directly from the invoice, or you can automate the reminders.






To do this, open the desired invoice that has the status "Overdue" and then open the tab "Reminders". 


You can used the button "Set invoice to next reminder level" to create a reminder from the existing invoice to which all of the invoice positions are transferred.


Consult the article "Reminders - Reminders & status 'Overdue'" for information on the reminder levels.



Print reminder

Once the first reminder has been created, you can also print this out directly from within the "Reminders" tab. To do this, right-click on the drop-down field "Actions" and select the action "Reminder with letterhead (PDF)" to create a PDF with the letterhead. 




Edit reminder

Consult the report "How can I edit a reminder?" for information on how to edit reminders.




We do not have an interface to a debt collection agency. The transfer of invoices must take place outside of bexio. 



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