Book manual incoming and outgoing payments

Post incoming payment manually

If you want to post an incoming/outgoing payment manually, this is best done as follows:

Open the desired invoice (debtors) or vendor invoice (creditors)


Open the tab "Incoming payments & credits". (The same function also exists for vendor invoices; here the tab is labeled "Outgoing payments".)

Here you can post a new incoming/outgoing payment by clicking on "+ New incoming payment"/"+ New outgoing payment".


You can now enter the date of the payment, ...


... select the bank account and ...


... enter the amount received or paid. Click on the diskette symbol to post the incoming/outgoing payment. 


Overview of incoming payments

In the tab "Incoming payments and credits" you can also find an overview of the payments that were posted for this invoice as well as of the related credits.


If you want an overview of all incoming payments, you can access the contact via the "Finances" tab followed by "Display account".


This gives you an overview of all payment transactions for this account.



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