Documents in bexio with the old DocDesigner - What can I adjust?

First a few basic differences need to be clarified. The data for the online preview, including the logo, are taken from the company profile. We also provide a default letterhead in bexio. As is the case with the online preview, this letterhead draws on the data contained in the company profile.

Of course you can also upload your own letterhead to bexio. If you have your own letterhead stored, the PDF documents will draw on your letterhead rather than your company profile.


PDF documents

When using your own letterhead for PDF documents in bexio, you can make the following adjustments:


Own letterhead

You can upload one or more of your own letterheads or stationery to bexio. You can then define a default letterhead for each document type. Of course for individual documents you can also select another letterhead instead of the default paper on the "Settings" tab. For more information about this, please refer to the articles "How can I store my own letterhead" and "Editing document settings".

Global default font size

You can adjust the default font size and the font size for headings globally ("Settings - All settings - My company - Basic settings" in the "Default font size" and "Font size for headings" fields).

Global default font

You can also store a different default font for use in PDF documents. For more information please refer to "Can the font in bexio be changed?"

Field names and column headers

You can also make linguistic changes to all fields and column headers visible on the PDF documents. For more information, please refer to "How can I store translations and synonyms?"


Online previews and bexio's default letterhead

You can make the following changes to online previews and bexio's default letterhead:

Company profile and logo

You can store your company address, your own logo, your contact information and other company details like the VAT ID no., the commercial register no. and a description in the company profile. For more information about the company profile, please refer to the article "Company profile & logo".

Banking accounts

The banking account specified as the default banking account for each of the document types will also be displayed in the online preview. For more information about banking accounts, refer to the report "Managing banking accounts and setting up ESR". To find out how to define a default banking account for the document types, refer to the report "Editing document settings - setting defaults".

Field names and column headers

All fields and column headers that were changed for the PDF documents will also be changed for the online previews. Find out more about the language settings in the report "How can I store translations and synonyms?"

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