No VAT liability - what do I have to change?

How do I know whether or not I have VAT liability?

You are best advised to ask your fiduciary or accountant.


How can I deactivate VAT in bexio?

bexio also offers a setting to indicate that you are VAT exempt. There are different options available depending on whether you are currently testing bexio or whether you are already a bexio client. We look at both situations in more detail below.


bexio trial access

If you are testing bexio, in other words if you are registered with trial access, you can configure this in the Setup Wizard. To do so, go to the footer along lower edge of the bexio screen, click "First steps" and then click "Setup Wizard" on the right.

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Now switch to Step 4, choose "No" in response to the question "Are you liable for VAT?" and click "Next". No more VAT will be posted.

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bexio client

Of course you can also change the setting if you are already a client. The difference is that you will have to do so in the default settings for the document types. We recommending making the setting for all document types. To discover where to find the default settings, read the article "Editing document settings - setting defaults".

Once you are in the settings, you can click the option "VAT exempt" under "Liability" and then apply the change by pressing "Save".

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Do I have to change the tax rate?

No, you do not have to change the tax rate. If the "Tax exempt" option is chosen, no more automated VAT posts will be made so the tax rate can also be left at 8%.

For the sake of comparison, look at an example of an automatically generated post if the invoice was created with the "Tax exempt" option and one in which the invoice was created with the "incl. VAT" option and a tax rate of 8%.


Invoice RE-2015-00002 in the amount of CHF 100.00, tax exempt


Debtor - income - CHF 100.00


Invoice RE-2015-00002 in the amount of CHF 100.00 with 8% (gross = CHF 108.00)


Debtor - VAT - CHF 8.00


Debtor - income - CHF 100.00

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I have already created invoices; will these be adjusted retroactively?

No, you will have to adjust them manually. To do so, open the invoice and open the "Settings" tab. Now choose the option "Tax exempt" and confirm your change by clicking "Apply settings". The invoice can only be edited if its status is "Draft". To find out how to change the status of an invoice to "Draft", please read the article "How can I delete invoices?".

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