How can I move the customer address to the right in the old DocDesigner?

Which options are available for customizing the letterhead?

You can choose between using bexio's default letterhead or creating your own letterhead. To find out how to create your own individual letterhead, please check here. When using bexio's default letterhead, the details will be taken from your company profile.


How can I shift the client address?

To indent the position of your client's address, go to "Settings - Documents - Template". You can choose your preferred letterhead here. (If you have not created your own letterhead, the default letterhead is used.)


Click the letterhead to open detailed information about this letterhead.


To edit the letterhead, click the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner.


To shift the address to the right, choose a value of around 130 in the "Horizontal address alignment in mm (X)" field. Because not all envelopes with a window on the right have the window at the same height, we recommend printing a sample and adjusting the spacing individually to suit your envelope.

If you changed the value, all you have to do now is save the setting.



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