Depict price options in a quote

You have the option of depicting various price options in your quote. You can create options as follows:

Create a quote in bexio and use "More positions" -> "Collective position" to insert a collective position. You can give this any title you like and choose whether the position numbers of the sub-positions should be shown, whether the prices of the sub-positions should be shown, and whether the collective position is optional.


You can add "Standard positions", "Product positions", "Text positions", "Subtotal" and "PDF page breaks" for the collective position. However, these must be added using the blue plus symbol "+" on the right-hand side of the collective position.


For other options, repeat the process until you have listed all desired options. Each "collective option" automatically calculates the total of the positions assigned to it.

You can deactivate the option for issuing the total on the PDF of the quote so that the total of all options is not issued at the end of the quote. To do this, select the tab "Settings" in an opened quote, remove the check mark next to "Show total" and save the settings using the button "Apply settings".


Here is an example of how a quote with two different price options may look:


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