Options in the tab "Positions"

When you create a new document in bexio, you are always taken to the tab "Items". Here you have several options for displaying your positions. Not all of the positions described below are available in every document.


The following positions are available:


There are additional options for adjusting your document on a case-by-case basis. This makes your work easier. These are the options:

Standard positions

Standard positions are suitable if you do not want to create a special product. Consult the report "Create standard positions" for information on how to add standard positions.


Product item

With "Add product" positions, you can insert a product that you have recorded in bexio. Consult the report "Add product positions" for information on how to insert product positions into a document.


More positions

You can use the function "+ More positions" to add various other positions, e.g. text positions, expenses, discounts. Consult the report "What can I do with the function '+ More positions'?" for more information about the button "+ More items".


Allocate/move positions

After they have been inserted, you can click on the individual positions with the mouse and move them to a new location by drag and drop. Please note that the collective position can only be moved as a whole and sub-positions only within the collective position.

Optional positions

You can also mark positions in offers and orders as optional. These are then listed separately under the fixed positions.




Upload vouchers

Consult the report "Upload vouchers for vendor invoices", specifically the section "Upload/attach vouchers to vendor invoices" for information on how to attach vouchers to the documents.


Change position view

You can choose between a compact view or a complete view. With the compact view, the bookkeeping account and the VAT rate are not shown.



Compact view:



Complete view:


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