Create standard positions

Standard positions are suitable if you do not want to create a special product.

If you click on "Add standard position", you receive a blank input screen.


You can insert the text relating to the position in the field "Description". (Below you have various text editing options such as bold, italics, underlining and bullets.)


You can then enter the quantity. This field is mandatory and cannot be left blank.


You can then enter the price of these positions. It is always the price per unit; this means it is multiplied by the quantity. 


You now have the option of searching for a unit (e.g. qty, hr, km). You can sort all units that you have previously stored in bexio. Consult the report "Manage units" for information on how this works.


For standard positions you have the possibility of awarding a discount only for this position.


Select the bookkeeping account and the VAT rate. All bookkeeping accounts and VAT rates that you have previously stored in bexio are available for you to choose. Consult the reports "Account groups and account plan" and "Manage VAT rates" for information on how to store these.

Underneath the field "Account" you can see the total of this position, i.e. the quantity multiplied by the price less the discount. Now all you then need to do to transfer the position is save it.




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