How can I post a credit?

What options are there for posting a credit?

In bexio you have several options available to you for posting credits. This report explains the following options:



Post credit with invoice

When you create a credit, bexio automatically proposes the invoices that can be used to settle it. This is of course only possible if there are still pending invoices for this client. An action field "+ Post credit with invoice" appears for the credit. Click on this so the invoice is automatically settled and posted with the credit.


You can then find the credit in the tab "Outgoing payments and invoices". This also always shows you the invoice this was booked with.


Post invoice with credit

If you create an invoice and a credit has already been created for the client or there is still a credit on their client account, bexio automatically recommends that you post these against one another.


The action field "+ Post credits" appears. Click on this so the credit is automatically posted with the invoice.


You can then find the credit in the tab "Incoming payments and credits". This also shows you which other payments have been received for this invoice.


Post credit via "Enter payment (manually)"

You can find the assistant for manual incoming payments under: "Sales - Other - Enter payments (manually)". You can find out more about this under: "What can I do under Sales - Other?"

You can use "Search options" to search for the "Invoice number" or "Contact". After this, go to "Options" and select the desired invoice on the right-hand side next to the displayed credit, click on the diskette symbol and post the credit with the selected invoice using the button "Post".


Post credit via "Incoming payments and credits"

Consult our report "Credit returns directly via invoices" for information on how you can create and post a credit directly in the invoice.


Record manual outgoing payment to a credit

If you have created a credit for a client but you would rather pay out the amount, you can post this directly to the credit.

To do this, go to the credit you would like to pay out. In the tab "Outgoing payments and invoices" you will find the button "New outgoing payment", which you can now use to post the payment.


Post credit in client account

Open the desired client under "Contact" and go to the tab "Finances". Here you will find the button "Display account"; select this option.


You will be taken to the overview of all incoming and outgoing payments for this client. From here, you can post credits and debits and also generate an account statement.


Click on "+ Manual booking" in the upper right. This displays the input screen where you can book the credit. Adjust everything that you see on this screen. The credit can then be posted in the same way as a credit with an invoice.


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