Creating a new order from a project

Create order from a project

If you have created a project and would like to have an order/order confirmation sent to the client, you can create the order in the opened project by clicking on the button "New order" under the tab "Document flow". This applies to projects in the statuses "Pending" and "Active".


The following data are transferred from the project to the order: 

  • The project title becomes the title of the order
  • The titles of the work packages become default positions
  • The expected time become the quantity of default positions
  • If the invoicing method "Hourly rate for projects" is selected in the tab "Conditions", this approach is used as the individual price for the default positions.

If you have already created an offer from a project, you can also simply open the confirmed offer and create an order from it using the status action "Create order".

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