Use of tiered prices

What kind of tiered prices can I use?

In bexio you have the option of setting up quantity-based tiered prices for products. When doing so, you define price reductions for certain quantities.


Defining a price reduction using tiered prices

Tiered prices can be defined for every product. To do so, open the desired product under "Products" (Business Trade: "Products - Products") and click the "Tiered prices" tab. The summary that opens up shows you purchase and selling prices on the right and any tiered prices already defined on the left.


Press the button "New tier" to enter a new pricing tier. Define the starting quantity and the ending quantity for the tier as well as the discount to be granted. The price will then be calculated automatically. You can also choose to define the price and the discount will be calculated automatically.


Importing a product into documents

Discounts on products with tiered prices are always calculated when they are imported to order management documents (offer, order, invoice, etc.) and statically transferred to them. For example, if you import a product quantity of 125 to an invoice and, under the tiered prices, have defined a 10% discount for the product on quantities of 100 or more, the selling price will be adjusted directly and only once on the invoice on the basis of the discount defined (under tiered prices).

If you subsequently adjust the product quantity on the invoice to 160 and have defined a 15% discount for quantities of 151 or higher, the price will still be discounted at 10% because this price was statically transferred to the documents.

If you want to update the price, as well, you would either have to adjust it manually or delete the entire product and import it again in the desired quantity in order to update the price.


Editing or deleting tiers

If you want to change or delete a tier, open the desired product, click the "Tiered prices" tab, position your mouse pointer on a tier and select the drop-down menu that appears. Select "Edit" to edit the tier and "Delete" to delete it.

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