Create a bill / supplier invoice




New bill

If you want to create abill, go to "Purchase" - "Bills".


Press "+New bill" to create a new bill.



You can then specify the supplier, choose a suitable title (optional), and enter the supplier vendor number as a reference (optional). You can also enter the invoice and due date ("Payable to"). By default, the current date is always used as the date of the invoice. This can, of course, also be adapted.






The standards can be found in "Settings" - "All Settings" - "Features & Modules" - "Bills". These standards are then always used for newly created bills. The "Settings" tab direclty in the bill only needs to be adjusted if these differ from the standard.

And remember to save the settings with the "Apply settings" button.




Adding standard position / product items

You can now add either standard position or product items. You use standard positions for single items, product positions for recurring items. You can find out how to create new products in the New Products article.



Uploading receipts / documents

In accordance with the principle of no posting without a document, you can attach the original invoice to your bexio account as a receipt. You can find out how to do this in this article: How do I upload files?

When all information has been entered, click on "Mark bill as pending". This will allow you to pay the bill. And the status of the bill changes from "Draft" to "Pending".


As soon as the bill status is "Pending", you can enter it directly as a payment and transfer it to your bank. You can read more about this in the following article: Paying creditors.

You can find more information on posting the "payment" in the following article: How can I mark a bill as paid?



Deleting a bill

To find out how to delete a bill, please read the article How can I delete a bill?



Copying a bill

You can copy the bill at any time. I recommend copying them especially if these are frequent "repeat" expenses. You therefore do not have to re-enter the items / position each time and the entry is more efficient.



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