Add-on MailChimp contacts transfer


Once you have set up the MailChimp add-on in bexio, you can copy your bexio contacts to MailChimp. To find out how to set up the add-on, please refer to the post "How do I set up the MailChimp add-on?".

To copy your contacts from bexio to MailChimp, you first need to create a new recipient list in MailChimp. To find out how to create a list of recipients in MailChimp, please refer to the post "Create a new list" in the MailChimp Knowledge Base.


How do I copy my bexio contacts to MailChimp?

You can now filter your contacts according to your chosen criteria by choosing "Filter details", and then transfer your filtered list of contacts to MailChimp by clicking "Transfer contacts to MailChimp". To find out how to create categories, please refer to the post "How do I manage categories?".


In the open window, select the MailChimp recipient list which you want to contain your filtered bexio contacts and then click on "Transfer contacts now". 


Why can’t all my contacts be copied to MailChimp?


As MailChimp is an e-mail marketing service, e-mail addresses are required for all the contacts, so contacts with no e-mail address will not be transferred.

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