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Recommend bexio and benefit

Are you an avid bexio user and would like to recommend bexio to others? Benefit from our autumn promotion: If you recommend us from 06.10.2022 to 31.10.2022 & the new account is purchased by 11/30/2022, many advantages await you:

  • Cash: If you recommend us, we will reward you with a credit of CHF 250 instead of the usual CHF 100.
  • Additional discount: Not only you will benefit, but also your contact to whom you make the recommendation: With the code friend33 he receives 33% discount in the 1st year of his bexio use.

Here is the most important information about the recommendation program:



How does the recommendation program work?

Click in your bexio on the top right side on the "heart-symbol" and invite a potential client to test bexio. Insert the email address und send the invitation.

You can also do this with our app bexioGo

The prospective customer then automatically receives an email from bexio, with which one he can directly create a test account. The prospective customer has got the possibility to test bexio during 30 days without engagement and cost this way.

In order that the recommandation will be counted correctly, it is important, that the prospective customer clicks directly on the link in the email and does not open independently a bexio account.



When does a recommendation / mediation count?

If, following the trial access referred by you, someone decides to work with bexio and orders bexio, the referral is counted and you receive a credit.


The right to a referral reward expires for both the referrer and the referred party as soon as one of these points applies:

  • creation of a 2., 3. or x. account already obtained with special conditions
  • User and/or company are identical

  • Referral is older than one year

  • Trust account (FiBu, LoBu, combined package)

  • Purchase made before referral
  • misuse

  • bexio AG also reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis.



How are the credits assigned?

You receive a credit note for each successful referral. This credit note will be credited to your bexio account automatically and:

  • The intermediary will be credited on his bexio account upon successful completion.



Can i see my recommendations somewhere?

The recommendations are registred internally at bexio and can not be seen directly by you. If you have questions concerning the recommendations and credits, you are welcome to contact the support of bexio. 


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