When does a recommendation count?

Recommend bexio and benefit

You are an avid bexio user and would like to recommend bexio? We will reward you for your efforts with CHF 100! Below you will find the most important information on the recommendation program.

How does the recommendation program work?

Create a personal recommendation page in bexio. To put even more power behind your recommendation, you have the option of uploading a picture and a personal statement. Using the preview function, you can test your recommendation page yourself. You can then share the link to this page with your friends and acquaintances and invite these to try out bexio. Your friends will receive a CHF 10 voucher from us. You can do this by e-mail as well as through social networks.



How do I personalize my recommendation?

Here we show you where you can add your personal testimonial and photo

When you have personalized your recommendation page, you can send the recommendation directly via the recommendation function (heart symbol).


When does a recommendation count?

If someone who is listed on your personal recommendation page or who visits this page signs up for a 30-day trial access, this is counted as a recommendation.


When does a referral count?

If, following the trial access referred by you, someone decides to work with bexio and orders bexio, the referral is counted and you receive a credit.


How are the credits assigned?

You receive a credit for each successful referral. You can then put these credits toward outstanding bexio invoices. Credits cannot be paid out in cash.



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