Teamviewer and other tools

Teamviewer, tools and tables


It is sometimes difficult to explain problems over the phone. To make this process more efficient, we use the remote maintenance software Teamviewer. This means we can see what you see and are able to pinpoint and solve the problem more quickly.

Not every chart is the same. Excel is not always suitable for converting a .csv chart into an .xls chart. We recommend using the free software Open Office for this purpose, which can recognize almost any format.

To save you the time and hassle of having to input data by hand, we can assist you with a contact and item import. To make sure the import goes as smoothly as possible, we provide you with the corresponding templates directly.


Where can I find what?



Download Teamviewer with the bexio branding and connect to one of our Support staff using your ID and the password, this allows you and us to solve your problem faster.


Open Office

Do you have a CSV file you want to open and convert into an Excel file, possibly for import at a later date? We recommend you use the Open Office software for this purpose.


Contact and product import

We also recommend the reports "Contact import - What do I need to know?" and "Product import - What do I need to know?" for contact and item import.

The two templates – which contain a number of useful tips – can be found directly below this article.


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