How do I add a new user?


You need an additional user license before you can create another user. A user license is already contained in each bexio package. Therefore, if you want to use two bexio users all you need to do is procure an additional license.


First, open the item "Packages / add-ons / users" under "Settings".


Open the item "Packages & licenses", go to "Additional user" and then use the button "+" to add the desired licenses. You can then finalize the order process. 



Set up additional users

Once you have finalized the order process you are taken directly to user administration. You can also open these under "Settings - Packages / add-ons / users - Users".

To set up a new user, click on the button "New user" at the top left.


You can now set up the new user.


Enter the e-mail address of the user. They will then receive an e-mail containing a confirmation link. Clicking on the confirmation link will take your employee to a screen where they can define their details and password themselves.


You are also responsible for determining whether your new user should be a Superadmin. The Superadmin manages access rights to user administration. This means they can increase their own user rights. They do not have access to the remaining admin functions (admin module authorization), but as described above they can can increase their own rights at any time.


Set up user via contact person without login

You can set up users via contact persons without login that have already been created in user administration under "Actions - Convert to user". All you need to do is complete the "User name" and "Password". Here, too, you need to have an existing user license. Consult the Helpdesk report "Contact person without login" for more information on contact persons without login.


User rights 

Once you have set up a new user, you can assign them various user rights. Consult the Helpdesk report "Define user rights" for more information on user rights.


Delete user

Consult the article "How do I delete a user?" for information on how to delete a user.


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