How do I add a new user?

General information 

The prices shown in this article are only valid for bexio customers who bought before 23.08.2017, since the new packages already come with additional users depending on the chosen package.


In each bexio package is already included a user licence. If you want to add an additional user, you need to add this one into the bexio account. 

First, open "Seetings" - "Packages / add-ons / users" 


Klick on the point "Manage users"


Klick on the right side on the top on the green button: "Invite user"

Enter the e-mail address of the user and confirm the additional costs by clicking on "Invite users". 


The new user now automatically receives an e-mail with a link. With this, the user can set his password and set his personal details.

The user then has an own login and can access the bexio account.

Also, you can determine if your new user should be a superadmin. The right of the Superadmin overrides the access right to the user administration, so a Superadmin can always increase its own user rights. The Superadmin also has no access to the remaining admin functions (authorization Admin module), but can increase its rights independently at any time. The invoice for the new user is automatically sent to you by e-mail after a few business days.


User rights 

Once you have set up a new user, you can assign them various user rights. Consult the Helpdesk report "Define user rights" for more information on user rights.


Delete user

Consult the article "How do I delete a user?" for information on how to delete a user.



Until June 2017 there were licenses and users at bexio, which were handled separately. Since June 2017 there is only the user administration and the licenses were discontinued.


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