Enter new contacts

If you want to enter a new contact, first open "Contacts" and then click "New contact".

An input screen will then open to enter the contact:


Master data


Enter the master data for the desired contact, namely company name and additional company information (or last name and first name), address, postcode and city. We distinguish between company contacts and private contacts. Depending on your choice, different input fields will be available such as the date of birth for private contacts.

Import from

You can also enter addresses based on entries at If you click "Import from", the following search screen will open:


Complete the search screen and click "Search". You will then see possible hits:


Select one of the addresses proposed in order to transfer the data to the bexio input screen:

If desired, enter additional information about the contact. You need to assign the contact to at least one category.


Enter communication-related details for the contact here such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, mobile phone and fax numbers as well as website and Skype details.

Additional information

Use "Contact partner" or "Owner" to define who this contact belongs to. If you select a contact, you are automatically selected as the contact partner and owner. You can also assign the contact to another bexio user. By the way, "User permissions" are also steered based on the "Owner". 

The contact's category and sector are defined here, as well.


You also have an opportunity here to define the contact's correspondence type and correspondence language.

More contact information

Depending on whether you enter a company or private contact, you will have different input options available to you under more contact information. 

For companies this includes the number of employees, Commercial Register no. and VAT number:


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