"Invoices with available client balances" under "Sales" - "Other"

In this overview, you will see all invoices for customers who have open credit notes and / or for whom a customer account credit may be applied.

We recommend that you open all the invoices from this overview in a new tab in your browser (right-click on the invoice number and then select "Open link in new tab", or click the invoice number with your mouse wheel) and then process them all one-by-one.



When you open an invoice by clicking on the number, a message will appear at the top to inform you that an open credit note or account credit is available. You can now apply the credit to the invoice.



A credit note is booked as a credit with the invoice and an account credit is booked as a payment received. As long as a credit has not yet been booked with an invoice, the values under "Credit notes" and "Pending amount" remain in place.

To book a credit note, click the "Post credits" button. To book an account credit, click the button "+ Book credit notes".



When a credit has been booked, the values change under "Credit notes" and "Pending amount". When an account credit has been booked, the values change under "Incoming payments" and "Pending amount".


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