E-mail dispatch - change the sender adress

Which sender is displayed when sending online documents?

When sending online documents (offers and invoices) by email, the email address entered for the logged-in user (first and last name) is displayed by default as the sender’s address.


John Smith of Smith Inc. sends his customer an invoice by email.

The recipient will see the sender as John Smith (Smith Inc via

How can I enter a different sender address?

You can manage your sender email addresses under “Settings” -> “All settings” -> “Functions & modules” -> “Email sender”.


Use the “Add sender” button to add a new sender with display name and email address. The display name is the name that the email recipient sees as the sender (for example, Jane Smith).



You will then receive an email request containing a confirmation link to ensure that this request was initiated by you. In this email, click “Confirm email address” to confirm the email address.

When the email address has been confirmed, a check mark will appear under “Is confirmed”. Under “Actions” you can set the new email address as the default sender.

When sending emails, the email address you entered is now always specified as the sender.

How can I configure bexio to display my own email address as the sender?

By default, bexio uses the sender address to send emails to your contacts – this helps to prevent emails from getting caught in your recipient’s spam filter. If you have your own domain (e.g.,, you can store a SPF entry on your domain name server (DNS) that allows bexio to send emails on your behalf. This way, you can enter your own email address ( as the sender’s address.

Follow these three steps:

  1. Create a TXT entry for your domain with the value v=spf1 ~all on your DNS. You can find out from your domain provider how to do this correctly
  2. In bexio, under Settings > Functions & modules > Email sender, select “Authenticate email” from the actions menu of the address you want to use for sending emails.
  1. If authentication is successful, instead of using, the selected email address will always be used when sending emails from bexio.success-en.png

You can find out more about users in the article  “Add a new user”.


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