How can I synchronize with the bank: PostFinance?

In this article you will find out how easy it is to synchronize your PostFinance bank account with bexio and how you can reconcile transactions and send payments.

Prepare your PostFinance account for use with bexio:

In order to be able to reconcile your PostFinance account with bexio you have to activate data export in your PostFinance account. Activation is only needed one time.

To find out more, see the article: How can I best use my Postfinance e-banking?

Supported login methods

bexio supports both the login using E-Finance ID / card reader and using Mobile ID. When logging in you have you choose the same method you use when you log in directly into the e-banking in PostFinance.

For more about the login method, see the following article: Supported Login Methods.


The synchronization is divided into two parts. First, you can retrieve the existing transactions from your bank account automatically, and then, you can send payment orders to your bank.

Retrieve transactions

  1. Go to the banking section and scroll to the PostFinance account
  2. Click on "Retrieve transactions"
  3. Log in
  4. The transactions will be retrieved automatically

The transactions will now appear automatically in your banking section and you can perform the reconciliation. To find out how to perform transaction reconciliation, read here. It may happen that the login is successful, but there are no visible transactions. Read this article to find out the possible reasons for this: No transactions received.

Send payments

Enter payments as described in this article: Enter payments and send them to your bank with one click.

Please note that you can only send the payment orders after you have successfully received at least one transaction from your bank account. See the section "Retrieve transactions".

Depending on the bank and the e-banking contract, it may also be necessary to additionally view and confirm the payments in e-banking. Please contact your bank support for more information.


bexio does not generally store any credentials (such as your contract number, passwords or tokens).

bexio does not ask you for your e-banking access information either in writing or by telephone. Please never provide your confidential information to third parties.

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