What does the message "Previous financial years still have open bookings" mean?

To comply with the principles of orderly bookkeeping, the accounts for previous fiscal years must be closed before the current financial year can be concluded. If you have already been using bexio for several years and now want to close the current fiscal year, bexio will draw your attention to unresolved fiscal years.

You now have the choice to either close or lock these previous fiscal years.


Closing fiscal years

If your accounting has been properly and thoroughly recorded in bexio over the previous years, click on "Close fiscal year for xxxx". When you do this, bexio will automatically register your manual opening bookings as balance carried forward in your balance sheet accounts. Your balance will not change in any way. To find out what to do next, click here.


Lock fiscal years

If you did not use bexio to conduct your accounting in previous years, only invoices and possibly supplier invoices will be booked in bexio (accounts receivable / payable). Your bexio accounting for previous fiscal years is therefore incomplete and these years cannot be closed in a proper manner. 

Put a tick in the box for the appropriate year. The financial year will be locked and the system will not allow any more bookings to be made. No balances will be carried forward automatically.

When you have completed the above procedure, you will be able to close the current fiscal year. To find out how to do this, click here: What is the "Fiscal year / Year-end procedure” module for?

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