Checklist for accounting with bexio

If you've recently become a bexio customer and want to start using bexio online accounting, this post will tell you everything you need to know when you start using bexio. Don’t worry, you only have to perform a few tasks to get you off to a successful start.


    • Send your accountant an invitation to use bexio, or find an accountant

      We always recommend that you work with an accountant. If you haven’t got an accountant, you can use our directory of accountants to find a certified accountant in your area.

      If you already have an accountant, you can invite him / her to use bexio. To find out how to send the invitation, click on the following link: Invite accountant.

    • Adjusting accounting system and account groups

      When you register with bexio, a standard accounting system is created automatically, based on the legal entity of your company. The standard system can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

      To find out how to make adjustments, please refer to this Help Center article: How do I adjust the order of my balance sheet and profit and loss account? You can also add new accounts and account groups.

    • Select VAT method

      Verify that bexio is set to use the correct VAT accounting method. You can select either stipulated or collected remuneration. These methods are available in "Settings" - "All Settings" - "Accounting" - "Base VAT settings".

    • Create or adjust VAT rates

      A range of VAT rates is available in "Settings" - "All Settings" - "Accounting" - "VAT rates". Please check whether all the VAT rates that you require are already available and if not, create new ones.

      Find out more about VAT rates in bexio.

    • Check base currency

      When you set up bexio you need to choose the base currency, e.g. CHF. This then becomes the default currency in which all your accounts are kept. If this currency is not the currency in which you want to keep your accounts, please contact

    • Creating opening entries

      In order to start accounting with bexio thoroughly and correctly, it is imperative that you create opening entries for your balance sheet accounts. These entries are made as manual bookings.

      If you also want to view the previous year's figures correctly in bexio, make these bookings for 31 Dec xxxx and then transfer the correct balances by using the Close fiscal year function.

      If you have any questions with regard to opening entries, please consult your accountant.


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