Collect payments manually

Credits and payments received can be assigned to open invoices in "Sales" - "Other" - "Enter payments (manually)".



You can search for invoice numbers and contacts on the right-hand side. On the left-hand side, you can enter the amount to be booked, the text, the currency and the booking date.

Click on the Search button to perform a search and display the matching results.



bexio will now suggest possible amounts to be reconciled. Usually, you will receive the entire amount due, which can be matched with the open invoice. To approve the booking, click the floppy disk icon on the right-hand side to match the invoice with the payment.



You can continue with the same procedure until you have allocated all payments received.

You can also allocate issued credits to outstanding invoices. First, perform a search for the contact to whom the credit was issued. Once you have found the credit, bexio automatically suggests open invoices and you can choose the invoice which is to be reconciled with the credit. All you need to do now is to click the floppy disk icon to add the credit as a payment.



After you have added all the payments received and credits as payments, the "Book" button appears below the list of transactions. All payments received and credits are booked definitively when you click the button.


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