How easy is it to switch from Amanda to bexio?

Yesterday, Amanda Online announced announced that it will discontinue its product as of 18 April.
Are you an Amanda customer and would like to switch to bexio? We would like to help. Accompanying this article is a list that we have put together, showing what you need to consider at the outset. Don’t worry; it will only take a few steps for you to be able to get started with bexio.

In addition, we also have regular online seminars. Those provide a way for us to introduce the most important bexio functions and processes to you. Here you will find the upcoming dates; why not register right away?


      • Set up a test account

        Here you can register with bexio directly for a free, non-binding Test Account. Our Customer Support Team will be glad to answer any questions. Telephone: +41 71 552 00 61, E-Mail:
      • Exporting data from Amanda

        Export your data from Amanda, so that you can further use that data in bexio as well as to have it available for documentation purposes and for your tax return.
      • Importing your existing data into bexio

        We will gladly support your efforts while you import your existing data. If you would like to import contacts, products, account list and account group into bexio, contact our Customer Support. Send us your data, either in CSV format, Excel or XML. You can reach Customer Support at:
    • Invite or find a trusted advisor

      We recommend basically that you work together with a trusted advisor. If you do not yet have one, you can find certified trusted advisors near you in our Trusted Advisor Directory.

      If you already have a trusted advisor working with you, you can invite him directly into bexio. Here you can learn how to send such an invitation: Invite my fiduciary.

    • Making your initial booking entries

      In order that your accounting in bexio can be started correctly and completely, it is essential that you perform the initial bookings for the balance sheet accounts first. These will have to be entered manually.

      You will make these manual bookings into the “Accounting” - "Journal".

      Tip: Would you like to have the prior year’s figures reported correctly in bexio as well? Then book the holdings as of 31.12.xxxx and transfer the correct balances by means of the End-of-Year Function.

      When questions arise about opening the books, ask your trusted advisor for assistance.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can support you in any way. We will always be here for you!

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