Book discounts and surcharges

bexio offers you the possibility of applying discounts in invoices. We will explain how to do this with a sample invoice.

How do I apply a discount?

To apply a discount, click on the button "More items - Discount” in an invoice.


You can now enter a text and then decide whether you want to assign a discount as a percentage or as a fixed amount.


The discount is automatically deducted from the total.


Can I apply a discount to individual items?

If you don’t want a discount to be applied to all the items, you can assign it to individual items by assigning a discount while you are entering the item.

This discount will be shown directly next to the item on the invoice.


Can I also combine discounts?

Yes, you can also combine discounts. You can enter as many discounts on an invoice as you want.


How do I apply a surcharge?

To apply a surcharge, click on the button "More items - Discount” in an invoice.


Enter a description. You have the possibility of charging a fixed amount or a percentage discount. To transform the discount into a surcharge, enter a minus sign before the value.


The surcharge will then be calculated automatically and added to the invoice.

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