Customer account bookings

When a customer pays you too much or makes an advance payment, you can book these transactions on the customer’s account. This allows you to view the financial situation of each individual customer.

How do I access a customer account?

To access the account of one of your contacts, select the contact and then "Finances - view account".


What can I do in a customer account?

A customer account gives you an overview of the financial situation of an individual customer. You can see whether a customer has outstanding invoices or credits and you can see the customer "history" based on their invoices, credits and payments.

Booking in a customer account

If a customer has paid too much or made an advance payment, you can book this as a credit. To do this, go to "+ Customer Booking". You will then see a booking window in which you can enter a description and specify the date, the amount, and the appropriate bank account.

In the event that you want to give the customer a refund rather than deduct the amount from future invoices, please select the option "Debit".

Delte customer account booking

You can delete the created customer bookings on the right with the trash can. The prerequisite is that the customer posting is in a fiscal year that is not yet closed.


Creating an account statement

Creating an account statement for a customer

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