What does beta mean?

What does beta mean?

Beta means that we provide a version of the bexio software to you in advance and you can use it. At the same time, this means that these new functions and processes are still in the testing phase and not fully developed. This gives us the opportunity to detect any needed optimization early on and to implement it.

What can you expect as a customer?

We will take your feedback and suggestions seriously and forward them to product management. You can rest assured that we will do everything we can to provide you with a perfectly functioning and reliable software.

Thank you for helping us to continuously improve bexio. We are particularly thankful for your feedback, which enables us to identify any optimization potential early on.

What is bexio unable to promise to you?

During a beta phase, we gather the feedback and forward it to product management, but we cannot inform you whether and how quickly we can implement the changes.

Of course bexio has done everything possible to provide a reliable and error-free software to you already in a beta phase, but some errors may come up in a beta phase nevertheless.

Often we are also dependent on partners and interfaces, so bexio is not always able to provide support for all questions and concerns.

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