FAQ: Unable to receive any transactions

If you do not receive any transactions, although you successfully logged in to your e-banking account, there may be different reasons. The most important ones are described below:

  • The file transfer was not yet activated in your e-banking account. In this case, you would have to contact your bank and request document transfer activation.
  • If the file transfer was activated recently, it may be that you have to wait for up to two days before you successfully receive transactions that bexio can process.
  • bexio only imports data up to a certain time in the past. If you need data from further in the past, please reconcile it manually.
  • If there were no transactions on your account since the last retrieval of transactions (or setup), bexio cannot receive any new transactions. Please wait until there are new transactions on your account (credits, debits) and try to reconcile the transactions again after that.
  • It is possible that your e-banking account is set to a file format for reconciliation that cannot be processed by bexio. To change the file format, contact your bank's Support directly.

Specific requirements

Very specific settings are required for some banks. For detailed information about what you need to report to your bank, see the following Help Center articles:

If none of the above points apply and the problem persists, please contact bexio Support.

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