How and where can I change the payment and billing method?

How can I pay the invoice?

You can conveniently pay the invoice by credit card or bank payment (QR invoice).
In order to be able to pay by credit card, you first have to deposit it in bexio. You may have to perform a 2-factor authentication ("3D-Secure") once. You can do this under "Settings" -> "Packages / Addons / Users" -> "Billing type and package". The following credit cards are available:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
The payment period for invoices with ISR is 30 days. When paying by credit card, the invoice is due when it is issued and is therefore automatically debited.

Where do I set the billing?

You can pay bexio easily and conveniently on an annual or monthly basis. Both options are available to you; select the billing type that suits you best.
You can set under "Settings" - "Packages / Add-ons / Users" - "Packages, options & payment method" according to which billing method we should create your bexio invoices. By monthly or annual billing method.
Alternatively, you can click directly on this link to change the data.
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