Create a pro forma invoice

What you need to know about pro forma invoices: 

Pro forma invoices should have no effect on your bookkeeping, since they are only used as records.  For this reason, please proceed as follows: create an invoice, put it in "Open" status, and then select "Cancel" so that your accounts are not affected.

How do I create an invoice? 

To create a new invoice, click on the tab "Sales - "Invoice" - "New invoice". 

We recommend that you use "Pro Forma” as the title when creating the invoice. You can enter the title directly when creating the invoice, or enter it in the "Texts" tab above the items. 

In brief: Pro forma invoices are most frequently used for business transactions outside Switzerland. They are very similar to ordinary invoices: the only part that is missing is the request to pay, since they serve purely as records.

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