How do I create another net tax rate?

By default, bexio creates all suitable net tax rates for you during the onboarding process, so that they are available to be used from the start. If you require additional net tax rates, such as, for example, to issue invoices for services from the previous year, you can enter these yourself in a few steps.

Automatically generated net tax rates

By default, bexio creates the net tax rates that you specified during the onboarding process. For example: You specified the following during the onboarding process:


bexio will now automatically create the new net tax rates for you for each VAT rate, so that you can use your current net tax rates right from the start.


Create additional net tax rates

If you still want to create additional net tax rates for past periods or future periods, you can do so directly. Proceed as if you were creating a regular VAT rate.

First, go to your tax rate settings. You can find these under "Settings - All settings - Accounting - VAT tax rates". Here you will see all of your VAT rates. (bexio has created them for you automatically).

Click on the green button with the label "Add tax rate" in the upper-right corner to create a new VAT rate.


You will then see the screen for creating new VAT rates. Fill in the form on this screen from top to bottom, and then select "Net tax rate" as the type.

bexio will give you the appropriate and valid net tax rates for the selected date, tax type, and percentage rate.


Tip: Set an expiration date for your VAT rates as soon as you find out when they will cease to be valid. This way, you will avoid seeing any invalid rates in your invoices and other documents. To do this, click on an existing VAT rate and enter a date in the "Valid until" field.

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